I made authentic Lucknowi Nihari with a special super masala mix learnt from Chef Afraz Shaikh of Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana Modern Khansama. Link to his YouTube video at the end. Try it. Make fresh foods. I started my food blog not only to showcase and share my secondary passions in cooking, but also to inspire and encourage you to look up recipes of cuisines that fascinates you.
I deviated from the recipe by tweaking the curry and thickened slightly by using 1-to-1 ratio kaju-badam (cashew-almond) paste with milk for rich and itty bitty creaminess.
Ingredients: Dry Roast
• 2 tbsp. sabut dhaniya (coriander seeds)
• 1 tbsp. jeera (cumin)
• 12-14 kali mirch (peppercorns)
• 2 badi elaichi (black cardamom)
• 8-10 elaichi (cardamom)
• 8-10 laung (cloves)
• 2 javitri (mace)
• 2-3 1" dalchini (cinnamon) sticks
• 4-5 tej patte (Indian bay leaf)
• 1 tbsp. saunf (fennel seeds)
• 2 tsp. sarson ke beej (mustard seeds)
Ingredients: To be Added Post-Dry Roast
• 2 tsp. kabab chini (allspice)
• 1-2 paan ki jad (dried galangal) [1 tbsp]
• 1 tbsp. khus ki jad (dried vetiver root)
• 1 tbsp. pipli (long pepper)
• 1 tsp. chandan ka powder (sandalwood powder)
• 2 tbsp. patthar ke phool (black stone flower)
• 4-5 dried Indian jujube
• 1½ tsp. pili mirch (yellow chili) powder
• 1 tsp. kalonji (onion seeds)
• 1½ tsp. sonth (dried ginger powder)
• 1 tsp. jaiphal (nutmeg) powder
• large pinch kesar (~½ tsp) [saffron]
• 3 tbsp. dried rose petals
• 3 tbsp. khas khas (poppy seeds), lightly roasted over slow flame
• 2 tbsp. roasted gram flour (besan)

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