This is amongst my favorite of "super masala mixes" in my cooking repertoire for specifically making cuisine from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. I learnt about this variation from searching about the famous Lucknowi Galawati (Galouti) Kebabs from the days of the nawabs of Lucknow (Awadh).
I've used this masala in some experimental dishes. My most frequent use of Lazzat-e-Taam (लज़्ज़त-ए-ताम) is in my "Tan Special Chicken Dum Pukht Biryani," a marvelous and exceptional fusion of Indo-Burmese biryani—truly distinguishing extraordinary from the ordinary!
Ingredients (Use about 1 tbsp. per kg meat)
• 1 (~2 tbsp.) paan ki jad (पान की जड़)
• 20g. khus ki jad (खस की जड़)
• ¼ tsp. (~1) pipli (पीपली)
• ¼ tsp. (3-4) kababchini (कबाबचीनी)
• 1 tsp. kali mirch (काली मिर्च)
• 1 tsp. shahi jeera (शाही जीरा)
• 4-5 laung (लौंग)
• 5-6 elaichi (इलायची)
• 1 chakri phool (चक्री फूल)
• 2 tej patte (तेज पत्ते)
• 1 tbsp. sukhi gulab ki pankhudi (सूखी गुलाब की पंखुड़ी)
• 1 tbsp. patthar ke phool (पत्थर के फूल)
• ¼ tsp. (~¼) jaiphal (जायफल)
• 1 javitri (जावित्री)
• ½ tsp. (~2) badi elaichi (बड़ी इलायची)
• pinch (~½ tsp.) of kesar (केसर)
• 1" (~1 tsp.) dalchini stick (दालचीनी)
• 1-2 (~1 tbsp) jangalee jamun (barberries) [बैरबैरिस]
• ½" sea foam [dried cuttlebone] (samudra fen) (बैरबैरिस) [optional]

1. Heat a pan on medium low flame. Add in javitri, badi elaichi, hari elaichi, jeera, shahi jeera, laung, kali mirch, patthar ke phool and dry roast till they are fragrant.
2. Turn off the flame and grate the jaiphal in the pan, add in sukhi gulab ki pankhudi, and mix well.
3. Let the spices cool down completely. Grind the spices to a fine powder.

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