Cooking Time: ~2 hours
Golden brown onions (birista) is a core-common ingredient in various world cuisines. I prefer and recommends making them from scratch in bulk, storing in a container, and extending shelf life by storing in the coldest section of the refrigerator. I use birista in Burmese, Indian, and Persian (Iranian) cuisine.
For example, when a recipe calls for "brown onion paste," take the required portion of birista into the mortar and pestle. Make the paste with desired consistency and coarseness.
Protip: You can make birista as needed and in significantly smaller quantities by shallow frying the thinly sliced yellow onions on medium heat in a wide skillet, while stirring occasionally. Reuse the onion-infused oil.
• 3.1kg (~7) large yellow onions, thinly sliced
• 7 c. vegetable oil
1. Pour oil into a large wok, kadai, or deep frying vessel.
2. Divide the thinly sliced onions into two equal sized batches.3. Deep fry the first batch on medium-high heat, while stirring occasionally.
4. After about 15—20 minutes of deep frying, the edges of the onions should start turning light brown. Lower the heat to medium-low setting, while stirring occasionally.
5. After 30—35 minutes of deep frying, the majority of the onions should be light brown with a slight crisp. At this stage, use lowest heat, while continuing to stir occasionally. The frying process is almost complete.
6. When golden brown (at approximately 45 minutes), take out and place on large trays with absorbent paper towels.
7. Allow to cool completely.
8. Repeat from (3) for the second batch.
9. Save the oil! The onion infused oil is precious!
Product Yield
• Onion Infused Oil: 4½ c.
• Golden Brown Onions (Birista): 600g

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