Casting for Mr. Bollywood XI
• Local: Sacramento & San Francisco
• Fit / Muscular / Athletic
• East Indian or Middle Eastern
• Age 19 to 30 (With Exceptions)
Named after India's film industry, MR. BOLLYWOOD revels and celebrates the beauty of men from the greater India and the Middle East. An ideal MR. BOLLYWOOD embodies bold, confident, and blunt attitude. He's candid, cavalier, and canderous with an exploratory outlook on remonstrating the status quo.
The current race/ethnicity distribution of MR. BOLLYWOOD:
• Punjabi
• Persian
• Assyrian/Armenian
• Sindhi
• Pakistani
• Tamil
• Iraqi
I. Manpreet "Manny" Kahlon
II. Sukhdeep Maan
III. Peyman Mahdavian
IV. Adriyan Aghaie
V. Sanjay Sharma
VI. Ankur S. Jaswal
VII. Saeed
VIII. Theo Kumar
IX. Aman
X. Ahmed S. Kamil
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