1. Please tape the bottom of ALL shoes’ soles—to be worn for the photoshoot with transparent, packaging tape and trim the excess tape from the edges.
2. Tape should outline the bottom shape of your shoes.
3. Please polish, shine, and clean your shoes!
Compulsory Products
• Non-oil, facial moisturizer, deodorant / antiperspirant.
• Texture paste, gel, hairspray, etc.
• Personal shaving & grooming kit.
• ORS™ Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray™ or similar, competitive brand. This is a mandatory sheen spray for enhancing your natural shine of skin.
• Makeup kit for applying basic, matte makeup.
• Refresh Tears® Lubricant Eye Drops (15 mL Sterile).
Trim facial hair with clippers. Grow back 24-48 hours to maximize the appearance of modest stubble creating shape and depth to the face: Designer Stubble and Five O'Clock Shadow.
• Brows: trim and tidy. Consult with a licensed aesthetician. No unibrows!
• Piercings: please remove any visible piercing(s) 48-hours from the shoot.
• Lips: apply lip balm or lip moisturizer at first sign of dryness, e.g. several days leading up to the shoot. No dry, cracked lips!
The Buzzed Look: Trim your chest, going in the direction of the grain using a good pair of clippers. Do it dry and hydrate afterwards with a body lotion to prevent redness.
The Smoothed Look: Shave your chest 48 hours, before the shoot date (unless otherwise stated) and apply copious amount of aloe vera enriched body lotion. Reapply body lotion before going to bed. Please re-apply body lotion the following day, leading to the photoshoot.
Arms, Underarms, Torso, and Abdominal
• The bicep and shoulders need to be bare. Make sure there are no hard lines, go in without guard down the shoulder, and add a short guard as you get closer to the elbow. Please do not shave your underarm hair!
• If your armpit hair is poking out of short-sleeve shirts or unnaturally long, e.g. “bushy,” when wearing a tank top, please trim and tidy. If you completely shave your underarms, you’ll have to grow it out.
Colloquially known as the “Treasure trail,” please do not shave, but trim and tidy to preserve the appearance of a straight trail.
Legs: Thighs & Calves
Shave your legs—all around—in warm water 48 hours before the shoot date and apply copious amount of aloe vera lotion. Reapply lotion before going to bed. Re-apply lotion on the following days, leading up to the shoot date. Increase the water temperature to open your pores. CAUTION! Please don’t burn yourself.
Please do not completely shave the pubic hair. Have some volume and keep some hair. Trim and tidy. “Manscape” as needed. The surrounding area of the legs and pelvis should be buzzed with clippers.
The Shaft, Scrotum, and Butt (Nude Models)
• This area is ultra-sensitive; avoid passing over the same region twice. Hold your penis upright (avoid tugging) and go with the grain in gentle strokes. Using plenty of shaving cream and shave it smooth, using a sharp razor.
• Be patient. Use small strokes, avoid pulling the skin taut. Use single strokes and clean your razor. Repeat.
• The buttocks should be completely groomed with clippers without guard. Go between your butt-cheeks with clippers without guard. For underneath, where the glute meets the thighs, pass over the area to avoid any demarcation.
For more information or clarifications on Men’s Grooming: Specifications & Guidelines, please don’t hesitate to email/DM me.

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