I’m seeking male models between the ages of 19 and 25 (with exceptions) for personal projects and model testing. You must be:
• Local: Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento
• Minimum Height 5’ 11” (With Exceptions)
• Muscular & Athletic Build
• Healthy Skin​​​​​​​
Please send snapshots of your face, profile of your face, and body via tapping the Email button. Please note any skin abnormalities, e.g. stretch marks, blemishes, acne, etc. Ensure your snapshots are clearly visible. Please include some information about yourself. Why are you interested in modeling? What do you wish to accomplish with modeling?
Taking & Sending Snapshots
1. Photographers request snapshots or Polaroids (“Polas”) from models, because we want to see you without the makeup and Photoshop. We want to see your musculature and body proportions. The images are confidential, privileged, and utilized for casting purposes only. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY NUDES!
2. Please wear only briefs underwear or briefs-cut swimsuit. No boxers, baggy, or cargo shorts.
3. If you don’t have someone nearby to take snaps of you, go into your restroom, and turn on all the lights.
4. Ensure your face, profile of face, and body are clearly visible (lit) in the mirror. Take pictures of the mirror with you in it.
5. Avoid “duck faces.” Don’t pose or make “weird” expressions. One of the images submitted should be sincerely, genuinely smiling.
6. Your camera should be nearly at eye level, avoiding optical distortions. If your camera is held high, you will appear to have an enlarged forehead or if you lean in too close to the camera.
7. Don’t over flex; I want to see your musculature at their naturally defined state.
8. One of the snapshot submissions should be a full-length shot from head to toe.
If you misrepresent yourself or falsify appearance information, you will be dismissed, and blackballed for unprofessionalism.
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