Gianni Falcone currently stars in the second season of Bad Blood as Christian Langana, crime boss twin brother to Anna Hopkins' Teresa Langana. The Langana twins are children of a mobster in Italy looking to expand their territory.
Gianni Falcone was Maurizio on Ciao Bella, a Canadian television sitcom that debuted on CBC Television in the 2004-2005 and set in Montreal, Quebec.
In "Mint Condition," the third episode of season one of The Art of More, art connoisseur Frank Demaio was portrayed by Gianni Falcone. His other roles are portraying Hector in director Roland Emmerich's Stonewall, Tiago Amore in Sophie, Alfred Munoz in Ascension, Joe in 19-2, and in A Stranger in My Home ("Princes and Paupers") as Daniel Garcia.
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