Famous members of Family Apiaceae and commonly most confused due to misnomer and translations between Hindi and English. To avoid future misnomers, it's imperative to learn the botanical (Latin) names of the spices and herbs we use daily.
In the YouTube videos of famous Indian chefs—Sanjeev Kapoor-ji for example and many famous chefs fall victim to the error—the videos would mistakenly write or translate शाही जीरा (Shahi Jeera) to "Caraway Seeds."
The botanical name for "Caraway Seeds" is Carum carvi and part of Family Apiaceae!
Going forward—when recipes for Indian cuisine calls for "Shahi Jeera" or "Kala Jeera," it is referring to Elwendia persica and not Carum carvi.
• Elwendia persica
English Name: Black Cumin
Hindi: शाही जीरा (Shahi Jeera) / काला जीरा (Kala Jeera)
• Cuminum cyminum
English Name: Cumin
Hindi: जीरा (Jeera)
• Pimpinella anisum
English Name: Anise or Aniseed
Hindi: पतली सौंफ (Patli Saunf)
• Foeniculum vulgare
English Name: Fennel
Hindi: सौंफ (Saunf)

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