When I first saw DEFIANCE, I was immediately enamored, both with the bold and provocative nature of the topic and with Ronald's magnificent skills as a photographer. Sexuality and raw human nature are beautiful. I admired the way he aimed to capture this beauty in a form that appears to be natural. I was moved by the passion behind DEFIANCE. I felt there were elements in DEFIANCE that many would relate to or empathize with and that it was a worthy project. I consider my body, energy, and sexuality to be the deepest and purest expressions. It is something I greatly value and explore. I felt that while I have always appreciated and explored my physical and sensual capabilities, nudes was the one part of me that I hadn’t explored and shared unabashedly in an unrestricted and direct manner as I share all other passions of my life.
I knew I would be able to provide passion and connection to his subject of interest, and I knew that Ronald would capture it well—helping me to share my passion in a way I would be happy and proud for others to see. I am passionate about exploration of life through my physical body. I believe that we only have a limited time to exist in this corporeal plane, and I intend on experiencing as fully and deeply as I can the gift of my body and its associated mechanical and visceral senses.
I picked Ronald as my photographer to explore nudes because I could sense he would capture me with an artistic and technical expertise that I would be happy and proud for others to see. Ronald navigated his way around some of the outward awkwardness that would surface in such an exploration and photographed me in pure and beautiful elements of the process. I suppose I feel more comfortable with nudes now. I am more critical when I look at other nudes now: looking and identifying similar elements and feelings of DEFIANCE or lack thereof.
I certainly learned a great deal: it is great to have a new set of eyes with a new mental framework. DEFIANCE was certainly an exercise of trying to grow out of comfort and familiarity zones, while continuing to try new things. Keeping creative certainly challenged me and I am grateful for the experience. It seemed that the point at which things really worked for both Ronald and me was when I was most authentically feeling the emotions with complete immersion. DEFIANCE is bold, loud, strength, pushing borders, exploring boundaries, and discovering myself.
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