My name is Tre’Bion Prince Williams, and I’m a young model from the San Francisco, CA. I chose to be a part of DEFIANCE, because for many years, I’ve always been timid to take risks. It was easier to go through life unseen, fading into the background; however, that would have been a sad existence and I wouldn’t be able to inspire courage in others.
I felt unwanted, unpopular, and undesired. It seemed the only way out of misery was to commit suicide. It wasn’t until I started modeling that I began to see myself as an artist and I felt I had a purpose. To anyone, who was shy, bullied, and full of self-doubt: be different; be yourself.
I decided to work with Ronald, because of the level of professionalism demonstrated at his website and via word-of-mouth references. He reassured my confidence, when we spoke on the phone. He consistently told me that the shoot would be stringently professional and I didn’t need to worry about inappropriate misconduct. I’ve always thought of nudes as showing the human body as the greatest form of art. Being a part of DEFIANCE has given me a new level of confidence and a new appreciation towards the visual arts.
For anyone who is considering DEFIANCE, have an open mind, take some time to reflect what the project is for and consider if DEFIANCE is something you are comfortable living with—you are bearing everything for the world to see.
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