Ronald, it took me some time to think about it, but I'll say “yes,” because I think DEFIANCE is a beautiful idea. At first I was contemplating whether people would look at me differently, but I don't care what people think anymore. We are a team now and I trust you. I care less about people and their opinions aren't valid to me.
DEFIANCE means sexual expressions and confidence while breaking the cultural barriers that I have been taught my whole life and not being punished for it. The human body is beautiful, I’m not trying to be a rebellious child, just expressing myself in a way I thought I never would. I felt more confident than I ever have been after the shoot was over. DEFIANCE has changed my outlook on nudes.
If anyone is thinking about participating in DEFIANCE: I would say, be comfortable in your own skin. I honestly have never felt confident after the shoot; almost free.
I felt nervous on the image on the couch where I had to bare it all, because I didn’t want to look pornographic. I kept thinking about what people would say. I can honestly say the best image came out when I tucked all fears away and realized I’m doing DEFIANCE for myself. I felt free, confident, and relaxed at the moment. If I didn’t come to that notion, I don’t think we could have produced the image.
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