I wouldn’t say that DEFIANCE changed my outlook on nudes. I believe that nude pictures can be beautiful, when they are done right, classy and artistic. It was definitely an experience shooting without my clothes and getting to work with Ronald, who has been doing nudes “right,” whom respects my boundaries and requests.
DEFIANCE was a liberating experience. I experienced a great deal of expression, emotion, and acting can be required to achieve these pictures. If you do follow through and commit to the best of your ability to work openly, you will be surprised and happy with what you’re capable of.
One of my favorite captures is the photo where I am unzipping the grey hoodie with my eyes closed. I remember relaxing, reminding myself to stay open, and allowing myself to express the conflict of feeling uncomfortable at being portrayed as an incubus—a mythological creature using sexual seduction to lure prey. One of the best experiences of DEFIANCE was getting to work with Ronald to stay communicative, focus on feedback, and direction. I was able to learn more and grow as a model.
DEFIANCE was a chance to act, portraying a sexier character than I’ve ever allowed myself. I grew up modest and never would have thought I would have been able to emote these photos. I let myself go feeling free which I found to be an amazing, confidence-building experience that helped me breakthrough new walls.
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