I have always viewed nudes as an art form and wanted to do nude modeling in university, but could not because I was afraid to expose myself. I am immensely pleased with DEFIANCE and I have a greater respect towards myself and others' bodies.
DEFIANCE requires deep, internal reflection knowing that you receive what you put into the personal photography project. I experienced personal freedom, when I saw image excerpts from my session. I am myself, a sexual being, and it was extremely beautiful. At one point, I had to take several steps back because I felt overwhelmed from how DEFIANCE portrayed me. I've never viewed myself in that sort of light. I feel stronger and in touch with my appearance.
I am glad to have participated in DEFIANCE. I was able to break loose of everything that was holding me down, while breaking through personal barriers. It looked effortless, but it was an incredible journey. DEFIANCE showcases emotion, self-masculinity, humility, and freedom of expression.
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