In Memoriam: Chit-Chit Tan (12/6/2003—12/21/2017)

Today, December 21, 2017, we said goodbye to Chit-Chit "Missy Girl" Tan. She passed away peacefully in her sleep. We adopted her from the Sacramento SPCA on June 6, 2004 at the estimated age of six months old. We made December 6, 2003 her birthday.

It's OK. I'm all right. It's a fact of life. None of us are immune from death. Celebrate life! Enjoy the people and pets, while they're alive. It's useless once they're gone. All of us loved Missy Girl. She passed from splenic cancer, which spread to her other organs. Only Toh-Toh is left and you bet, I'll continue to love him and take great care of him in Chit-Chit and Zaw-Zi's memories.

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chit-chit tan

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