Day 29 of My Gout Flare-Up (EULAR Recommends Uric Acid Below 6.0 mg/dL)

I have wonderful news! With nearly a month long experiencing of a gout attack, I can walk again without ingesting pain medications. Thank goodness that I could resume and participate in my personal photography projects deferred and rescheduled, until I fully recover.

This was results from May 27, 2017 blood test. It was the beginning of my gout attack. I said to myself, "Fuck this gout!" I took my usual dosage of Advil Liquid Gels and waited until the medication starts taking into effect. I then gave myself a pep talk and marched straight into my local Quest Diagnostics to have my blood tested for uric acid! I was glad that I went in on a Saturday, the weekend of Memorial Day holiday. I was the second person that needed blood testing that day. The security guard noticed my limping into Quest Diagnostics and wished me well. When I came out a few minutes later, he remarked, "That was fast!" I replied, "Indeed. Thank you for the well wishes, sir." I left the Sutter Health Building. I recalled constantly staying, "Fuck you gout!" all the time when I was out and limping my way into my car parked outside the building.

I watch what I eat! I don't drink (at all), avoid red meats, and any foods known to cause uric acid levels to elevate in my blood. I have adhered to these restrictions for a long time. These changes are not recent! Clearly, my diet modification isn't working and requires help from RX Allopurinol that my PCP placed me starting at 100 mg for 30 days. I have another blood test ordered when my 30-day supply of Allopurinol depletes. At the moment, I can fully place my weight on both of my feel; however, I can't tiptoe on my left foot. The rise of my left MTP joint experiences minor pain. It doesn't hurt as much as in prior updates. I can wiggle my toes, but still feel like my big toe is "stiff." It's difficult to describe—I feel like "something" is in the way or trying to wiggle toes in a watery environment.

I want to summarize that I don't enjoy the gout experience. I'll express myself again—this is not something I wish on my enemies or with people I had strong disagreements with!

Thanks for bearing with me. Some site visitors are here to look at pretty images of my male models and not to read about me complaining about gout. This is the "personal" aspect of my Photography & Personal Blog. It's right in my blog title!

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