Product Recommendation & Review: Bongiovi Acoustics DPS

When I process and retouch my images, I always have music playing at my computer. I thought my kit-speakers from Dell sounded "good," until I tried the new Bongiovi DPS (Digital Power Station) plugin for Windows 10 Pro. Please remember that all the software and product(s) I recommend are used by me in both my professional and personal life. Retailing now for 29.99 USD (prices may change without notice), Bongiovi DPS will be an amazing plugin to enhance sound coming from kit or inexpensive speakers at your computer.

The above screenshot shows an expanded view, e.g. I screenshot each tab at the top to show you the control, if you want to finetune the sound coming from your speakers. I don't touch any of the settings other than assigning a profile until the music "pop" and "comes alive" at me. Currently, I'm using the "Los Angeles" profile and it makes the music from Enigma, Aquilo, Adele, and generally classical crossover music sound alive and real to me. I don't know how to explain it. It makes my inexpensive, kit speakers sound expensive!

When you go to Bongiovi DPS' website at, I don't have to imagine the sound so expansive that I feel I'm in a dream! NO! The software makes your music a reality. It's in the NOW and it's REAL. I don't have to imagine how it feels to be in the front row of a recital. Bongiovi DPS uses the music production and mastering knowledge perfected and gleaned by Mr. Tony Bongiovi—the cousin of music artist Jon Bongiovi. I don't have to imagine the excitement of the sound around me, because I experience the real and how alive my music feels! I'm now enjoying the CDs I've bought from 1997 with the enhanced output of the DPS.

You don't have to imagine, because it's available to try for 30 days to experience the aural rebirth and reincarnation of your CDs. I'm on Michael Cretu's Enigma on repeat. All of this eight CDs I bought all at once are on a playing cycle chronologically. Thanks to the software algorithms reprocessing the music, I'm immersed in the musical world of Cretu!

As Levar Burton of the Reading Rainbow used to say, "You don't have to take my word for it." I'm highly recommending you to try the software. If you experience the enhanced output, let the DPS Support know that I referred you to the software.

Imagining perfect audio is here:

There are no "tutorials" or steps in my review, because it's that simple to use the DPS. You install the software and it has a setup and walkthrough you follow to turn the DPS on. Once it's on, you simply do into the "Settings" and click around at the speaker profiles. If you don't see your profile, head over to the "Profiles" tab and install. Voila! This can't get more simple than that! Depending on the style of music you listen to, cycle through the city profiles, until you hear your music "pop" and "come alive!" With the Bongiovi DPS, you no longer have to imagine what expansive sound feels like or being at the front state of your favorite music artist. The music enhancing is real and in the now. It's no longer a dream to experience good music coming out from kit, inexpensive speakers.

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