Moving from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Huawei Google Nexus 6P

YES! It finally happened. When my younger brother William decided to upgrade his Nexus 6P to the Samsung Galaxy S8+, he decided to use the current Samsung promotions to trade-in for a great deal on the Galaxy S8+.

The pictures are not to scale! My brother decided to trade-in my Galaxy S3 and donate his Nexus 6P to me, which still qualifies as a trade-in deal with Samsung. The experience from upgrading to a larger, phablet is interesting. Most importantly, the apps I use on my Galaxy S3 are all "flying" on the Nexus 6P. I'm thankful and grateful towards my brother. Him and I don't always get along; however, in the end, he's my brother and I'm his brother. That's that. One of the greatest joys of going to a pure Google phone is that lack of stock or bloatware. I hated the bloatware that came preinstalled on the Galaxy S3. Each time I want to reset my Galaxy S3, I had to turn off or deactivate the stock bloatware that came preinstalled. There's no way to uninstall the bloatware; only to freeze or turn off via the "App Info" settings.

I'm someone, who doesn't need the latest and greatest. I would have been OK continuing to use my Galaxy S3 for 1-2 more years. The only apps that are installed on my Galaxy S3 and currently on my Nexus 6P are my banking apps, Instagram, and Google+. I don't play games or watch movies on my phone. In that regards, the 6P is considered an "overkill" for my normal use. I am not complaining and welcomes the "apps are flying" performance expedience.

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