Introducing Fitness Male Model and Bodybuilder, Quin Bruce

This is a "proper" introduction to Quin Bruce, a male RN, and bodybuilder living in the Sacramento area. I met Quin from random tapping on Instagram. I don't have many bodybuilder models and I reached out to Quin to see, if he would model for me. At first, Quin thought I was scamming him. Not trying to sound "all that," but he said with my level of work, he assumed my message was a scam. I met up with Quin during our first meeting at my "Magic Wall" at UC Davis. Upon completion, Quin told me that he is more than OK with a second session.

One of the minor challenges is trying to fit Quin into the composition. He's a bodybuilder and his muscles are huge. I'm used to photographing men who are significantly smaller than Quin, yet with their muscle definition. I think these images are the "IT!" pictures from Part 2.

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