Google Nexus 6P Early Battery Shut Off and Boot Loop Issues: Steps for RMA (USA, Google Store Only)

It has been 48 days, since June 24, 2017 that I upgraded from Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Huawei manufactured Google Nexus 6P. The device was a hand-me-down from my awesome, younger brother. He purchased the Nexus 6P during release date in 2015 direct from the Google Store. The steps I took succeeded in receiving replacement RMA devices. If you're a Nexus 6P user and you purchased your device directly from Google, chances are that Google will give you an extended, single-time out-of-warranty replacement for your device currently experiencing early shut off and/or boot loop issues.

When I started using the Nexus 6P, I first experienced the battery depleting fast. I assumed it was normal, due to the more powerful hardware and performance from the device. It's like the Mustang or similar "muscle cars" requiring more gas than the average, daily-use vehicle. I wasn't complaining, since the experiencing of using the Nexus 6P from Galaxy S3 was like flying! Additionally, I was surprised to learn that the Nexus 6P had "Rapid Charging." Despite the battery draining fast, it wasn't a problem, because I have the rapid charger near me. That was a first clue that I overlooked.

The second clue overlooked was the early shut off in the car. I had about 30% charge. I was driving home on the I-80 from SFO and I wanted to use the voice-activated text to let my brother know that I was on my way home so that I could pick up some take out or not. To my surprise, as I was about to say, "OK Google," I noticed my device had turned off by itself. Weird. I dismissed these oddities, thinking that it was because the device was significantly more powerful than my ancient, dinosaur relic that is the Samsung Galaxy S3! A few days later, my brother told me to look into the battery issue. I was confused. What battery issues? He then told me the rapid discharge and the early shut off was abnormal. It should not happen! I had an "Aha!" moment. I searched on Google and found the following link to the Nexus 6P sub-Reddit:

If you purchased your Nexus 6P device directly from the Google Store, use the contact information below and get in touch with the Google Store Support:

  1. Remain calm, patient, and respectful. Do not make the call, when you're expecting company or preoccupied with errands. The call will take about 20-30 minutes.
  2. Have your IMEI of your device ready. You will need to verify your zip code, payment method currently on file, and your email associated to the Google account used to purchase the device.
  3. Specifically reference the "Reddit Thread" I linked. Mention that there is an ongoing class-action lawsuit towards Google and Huawei about the battery and boot looping issues. You can Google for yourself about the lawsuit. This proves to the Google Store Support that you have done your homework.
  4. Mention to the Google Store Support that you have factory resetted your device and ran the phone in recovery boot. The early shut offs are persistent.
  5. At this point, Google Store Support staff will give you the options or possible steps to take. The battery issue is acknowledged by Google. I was of told of this, when I spoke with Google Store Support during the first call.
  6. You want to press forward for a "single time, out-of-warranty replacement" for your defective battery in your Nexus 6P. If the Google Store Support sounds hesitant or mentions the option to transfer you to Huawei, hangup!!!
  7. Wait a few minutes to call again. You're trying to connect to a Google Store Support who would offer you the "single time, out-of-warranty replacement," because Google acknowledged the battery issue:

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