Day 23 of My Gout Flare-Up (EULAR Recommends Uric Acid Below 6.0 mg/dL)

YUP!!! It's still there. I'm managing the pain. It's "not at bad." What's getting to me is the immobility and having to postpone and defer my personal photography projects until I could walk normally again.

I'm on low-dosage Allopurinol and when the 30-day supply depletes, I'm ordered another uric acid serum check by my PCP. She'll evaluate, whether to increase the dosage or remain at the current 100 mg. Since my last update, I could fully put my weight on my right foot. My left "gouty foot toe" is slightly swollen at the metatarsophalangeal or "MTP Joint."

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gout metatarsophalangeal

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