Complete and Up-To-Date Discography of Michael Cretu's Enigma

One of my quirks is that if I immensely like a musical artist, I am compelled to best obtain their up-to-date discography. If you had a chance to look at my CD collection, you'll see that I have almost all CDs from artists like Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Enya, Moya Brennan, Loreena McKEnnitt, and Josh Groban. Discovering the music project of Michael Cretu during December 2016 gave me a newfound inspiration and encouragement. After getting The Fall of the Rebel Angel from, I felt compelled to get Enigma's past seven CDs in used condition. I did! They were Christmas 2016 present to myself.

It has been a little over a month that I have been listening to the CD in chronological order on repeat! I wish I had discovered Enigma earlier on. The music is amazing and induces a creative and productive mood, when I'm retouching images or just experimenting in Photoshop.

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