Catching up with Altangerel Bayaraa at the UC Davis "Deathstar"

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time catching up with Alta at my "Magic Wall" on the UC Davis campus. I met and photographed Alta for my DEFIANCE project in 2013. It was great having him in front of my camera again. More updates and previews in the days to follow. Thanks for visiting my photography and personal blog!

Yes—my gout on my left foot is almost gone. I was glad I was able to walk fully again. "Almost gone," because I still can't tiptoe on my left foot, without feeling minor pain at the MTP joint. When I vigorously try wiggling my left big toe, it feels like something is still there. I don't feel as free movement and smoothness from wiggling my right big toe.

Altangerel Bayaraa Stockist • Handwraps: Hayabusa • Jeans: Hollister Boot • Compression Pants: Under Armour • Belt LuxFashion • Shows: Nike Air Max 2017 Wardrobe Stylist: Ayushjav Bayaraa

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