Camouflage By Lara Fabian

Have you ever faced an ocean, though you hadn’t any notion how to swim, but you jumped in anyway? Have you ever kissed a lover Knowing that his heart was broken and damaged, but you held him anyway Leap of faith. Growing wings.

Camouflage is Lara Fabian's thirteenth studio album released October 6, 2017. Although it's currently available to order via, the CD is only available as an import at a price of 25.06 USD. I'll wait and see if it will be made available like her 1999 English debut CD of her namesake Lara Fabian. I was able to walk into my local Borders and buy her CD on sale. That's how I was introduced to her works and I've been a fan of Lara Fabian. Lara doesn't release most of her CDs in English and that explains why she's not widely known in the US. Of her 13 studio albums, only four and a half are English releases. The half came from her Mademoiselle Zhivago.

Musically, I'm amazed at Lara's ability to "camouflage" and be like a "chameleon" in present-day musicscape. The CD exemplifies her taking into account the present sound of music and craft her style onto the genre. The result is a 2017 Lara Fabian with interesting electronic sounds. You don't have to take my word for it. Check out two songs from Camouflage and make your own decisions.

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