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Let's Make Social Media Social Again!

This blog is using a separate installation of Koken being hosted at 1&1, using Regale 2 theme. Madison 2 is for my portfolio. I need to re-upload images and it's taking longer time than anticipated, because I can't simply upload images to the Koken CMS. I have to create diptychs to take advantage of horizontal monitor screen real estate. When you view my physical 11x14 printed portfolio, images are seen side-by-side—diptychs in print. For 2018, my theme is returning to the essentials and the concept of home or origin. I'm returning to things I've used the first time or products and services that worked for me, before I decided to try something new. For example, "social media" never worked for me. I feel I'm at home on the traditional blogging platform—a self hosted blogging with simple text and images.

I'm in complete control of the content I share here at my self-hosted Koken blog. As long as I don't break any laws of USA, I'm allowed to share—for example—NSFW images from my DEFIANCE. Whereas on sites like FB, IG, etc...if I share NSFW content, my account is at risk for banning for breach of unacceptable content sharing.

Visiting my blog is a reward for the both of us. When you find my content at my site(s), it's not only the original, but you're morally supporting me. My images I directly share are sized at 1080 pixels short edge as show of appreciation and gratitude. People still have their desktop computers with 22" and above monitor screens. I strongly prefer my works are viewed on larger screens for accurate assessment and judge of my images. If you see something odd in my pictures, please let me know.

I thank you for visiting my blog. If you would like to reach me for direct comment or suggestions or questions, please, please don't ever feel you'll be bothering me. You're encouraged to write me. I want us to have some sort of a relationship. You're more than a blog visitor to me. Although my blog is about "me" and "my photography," I want the behind-the-scenes experience to be engaging and interacting with anyone who writes me. If you have something to share or simply wants to communicate, I'm all ears. Let's take "social media" back from the vapid, insipid, and narcissistic twats. Let's make social media social again!

Hello, World! Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog

I'm starting my 2018 early and Chinese New Year of the Dog is on February 16, 2018. With a new year around the corner, I want to start new! I've returned to my "home" web hosting provider that's 1&1. I used their hosting in 2006/2007, when I first started my photography portfolio. Additionally, they are currently running Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal on their "Basic Package" that I can't refuse! I need to get my blog and my portfolio up and running during this week.

Best in health and warmest wishes!